We are 100% carbon neutral

Alme is a 100% Brazilian brand, a reference for sustainable practices by the leading fashion group Arezzo&Co, which invites consumers to rethink their habits through better choices. With a premise of refined design and comfort technologies, we develop all of our products with raw materials with less environmental impact and maximum comfort for the feet. Our portfolio include shoes from sizes 33 to 44 BRA (35 to 46 EUR) – we are a genderless brand that value ​​responsible Brazilian production. We select sustainable raw materials such as: EVA I’m Green, Brazilian merinated wool and PET bottle yarn and recycled cotton. We also have a vegan certified shoe option. We are a carbon neutral brand compromised to offset 100% of our CO2 emissions with projects aiming to preserve Brazilian forests.

We are 100% carbon neutral

Our pillars:

  • Conscious design and natural low-impact materials

  • Responsible, sustainable and circular

  • Comfort-driven technology

  • Made with respect in Brazil

Walking toward a better circular world.

Just like the cycles of nature, our shoes have a past, a present and a future. Alme allows you to watch your step by providing natural and recycled fabrics, our unique comfort-driven technology and responsible disposal. Plus allowing for carbon offsetting, helping to preserve the Brazilian forests. We are 100 percent carbon neutral, fighting climate change and fostering new habits.

Walking toward a better circular world.

Alme is all about cycles

Through recycling, Alme gives new meanings and fresh starts for sugarcane, PET bottles, and industrial residues. We are working toward a better Earth. By mixing beauty and comfort, people and nature, craft and industrial, we aim at attaining a properly balanced coexistence. Check out where the major materials for our shoes come from.

  • Recycled PET bottles
    Recycled PET bottles

    Distinctly transforming recycled PET bottles into threads that originate fabrics used in Alme's sneakers and shoelaces. Instead of using virgin raw material, we believe in revamping and improving what already exists.

  • Sugar cane
    Sugar cane

    Sugar cane is a natural material that originates the green EVA, used in Alme's ultra-light insoles and soles. Unlike traditional EVA that comes from fossil fuels, our EVA is plant-based.

  • Recycled cotton
    Recycled cotton

    Trimmings and scraps from the Brazilian textile industry are shredded and turned into threads, originating new fabrics for our products. We reuse everything to ensure the circular essence of your Alme.

  • Brazilian wool
    Brazilian wool

    We use 100% Brazilian wool from free-range sheep, carefully taken care of on farms in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Before every summer, we shear and manage our sheep respecting their welfare. Our wool is prepared and transformed into yarns used in our shoe uppers. It is soft, breathable and sustainable, ensuring thermal balance for you to use your Alme at any time of year.

  • Water-based adhesive
    Water-based adhesive

    For all shoe assembling, we use water-based adhesive. It does not contain any solvents, looking after the health of those who produce our shoes and the environment.

  • Certified paper
    Certified paper

    Our shoe labels are made of FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified paper and finished with latex to ensure durability. Our packaging is also certified, protecting our shoes until their delivery to our consumers.

Comfort from toe to conscience

What is a carbon footprint?

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total impact of our activities based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. We use our body’s energy in anything we do, right? The Earth works the same way; thus, everything we produce emits CO2 into the atmosphere and this excess of CO2 fuels climate change.

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the gases present in the atmosphere and is part of the so-called Greenhouse Gases (GHG).

    The Greenhouse Effect is caused by the accumulation of gases in the atmosphere, which prevent heat from being released into space and contribute to maintain the temperature of our planet. The excess of these gases increases the Earth's normal temperature, causing climate change. Melting ice, hotter than usual summer, snow in unusual places, species in extinction... these are non-desired situations neither in the present nor in the future.

  • To help change this situation, we follow a 4-step plan: assessing the impact of our consumption, making better choices about production material and processes, measuring our overall impact and offsetting 100% of our carbon footprint. All this to ensure an environmentally sustainable cycle.

    Gráfico com os quatro passos essenciais para mudarmos 100% a nossa pegada de carbono
  • It all comes to choosing the most eco-friendly materials.

    For each and every Alme shoe, we go for biodegradable, recycled and renewable materials, thus reducing the environmental impact of our products and their carbon footprint. We calculate the total carbon footprint of all our products according to the volume we produce. We offset all of Alme's emissions by helping to preserve the Brazilian forests. We invested in the REDD+ project (a local effort to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) to preserve the Amazon Forest in the Jari River, an area located in the state of Pará. This project protects this forest and supports the development of family farming, preventing deforestation and minimizing social and environmental impacts.

  • Carbon credits are means for companies, institutions and people to offset their CO2 emissions. Each metric ton of CO2 emitted is equivalent to 1 carbon credit. These credits represent a financial investment directly related to the preservation and regeneration of green areas, through reforestation projects or biome preservation.

    At Alme we measure and offset 100% of our emissions using carbon credits. In other words, we guarantee that all of our CO2 impact is invested in eco-friendly projects for capturing CO2 in the atmosphere.

    • Nesse ano, compensamos o equivalente a (essa parte ainda está em ajuste).Nesse ano, compensamos o equivalente a (essa parte ainda está em ajuste).
    • X corridas São Silvestre, no nível de emissões dos nossos transportes.X corridas São Silvestre, no nível de emissões dos nossos transportes.
    • X macaranãs, em hectares de floresta.X macaranãs, em hectares de floresta.
    • X kg de café, em emissão de CO2 na produção de cada Alme.X kg de café, em emissão de CO2 na produção de cada Alme.
What is a carbon footprint?

Our commitments

Our commitments
  • 1. Performing Life Cycle Analysis on 100% of our new product developments
  • 2. Offsetting 100% of our CO2 emissions
  • 3. Tracking 100% of all of our products by 2024
  • 4. Compensating product-to-consumer shipping on all sales channels by 2024
Our commitments

Circular Alme

Nature is circular and it inspires us to rethink the cycles of our products. What happens after the product is delivered to you? What is the best way to take care of your Alme? We furthered ongoing in-house projects and redesigned our action plan to address your worn-out shoes.

  • Alme Retorna
    Alme Retorna

    A responsible destination for shoes no longer in use conditions: we offer at our stores in São Paulo a drop off for deteriorated shoes from any brand. Monthly, a co-processing partner receives and transforms everything we collect in fuel for producing cement. This allows us to replace some of the fossil fuel in this industry, boosting the consumption of natural resources and preventing the production of waste.

  • Alme + Troc
    Alme + Troc

    Creating value through our secondhand business is perfect for you to resell anything that no longer fits your style. Alme and the Arezzo&Co thrift online store “TROC” partnership is about making fashion to go circular. Our customers can send their Alme products to TROC, or even find a TROC bag at the collection point in our Alme store at São Paulo.

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